going green

Individuals CAN be a Part of the Solution to Global Warming

Suggested things you can do:

Minimize air travel, use of air conditioning, buying out-of-season produce, meat consumption, especially beef.

Program thermostat to use less energy when away or asleep.

Set thermostat warmer in summer (78°F), cooler in winter (65°F).

Buy locally.

Drive fuel-efficient cars.

Look for recyclable packaging when shopping.

Combine shopping and other trips to reduce mileage.

Use high-efficiency LED light bulbs.

Carpool, use public transit, and walk more.

Turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use.

Plant trees to offset carbon footprint.

Cut back on grass mowing by returning areas to natural ecosystems.

Educate yourself and your neighbors on living sustainably.

Follow recommendations on daily calorie consumption.

Update to efficient EnergyStar appliances.

Insulate your home.

Consider a blower test for your home to pinpoint all air leaks .

Look for energy loss around windows & doors. Caulk and seal as needed.

Consider installing solar photovoltaic panels.

Calculate your carbon footprint and determine areas for improvement.

Purchase home energy from renewable sources .

Work to enact the national carbon fee and dividend policy created by Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Call your Members of the U.S. Congress and letting them know you support the CCL solution to climate change.

Created by James Mulloy, PhD
Scientist; Member, Citizens’ Climate Lobby